Tips from Experienced moms




Don't push the poop! Pushing too hard when you're constipated can cause hemorrhoids.

Find out your company's maternity policy early. Save vacation days, if possible and work with your boss to create a transition plan for when you return. 

Find a few safety pins now. You won't have time to look after you give birth and you can pin them to your bra to help remind you which side you nursed on last. 

Practice kegels. It can help make your delivery easier and prevent incontinence problems later.

Don't murder your partner. You'll need someone to drive you to the hospital when you go into labor. 




Your mother and grandmother are not always right. 

Put your baby on a schedule early. It's kind of hard to do when they are very young but i you start doing the same things every day as early as 4 weeks, they will eventually come to expect it. 

Establish a schedule with dad from day one. Rotate who will put the baby down at night and who cleans. It can cut down on arguments over who is doing more (although moms always do more, of course, lol) and helps with burnout. 

Learn the power of white noise. You can't respond every time your baby cries. 

Don't stress about what your house looks like when people come to visit. They know you are not getting sleep and real friends will get mad if your place is clean!

You will be late for things. Forgive yourself. 

No one loves your baby more than you.
you are not perfect but you will do the best you can.